Physician's Medical Service Bureau, Inc. Claims Processing & A/R Management Since 1894.

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All medical practices require comprehensive, thorough and timely reporting to ensure long term maximum reimbursement.
As a billing company, it's imperative for us to stay one step ahead of the progress curve. We need, even more than the practice itself, to have our fingertips on solutions, options and reports for efficient revenue procurement that meet, and exceed, the demands of this ever changing medical environment.
Our Windows® Based OpenPM software product offers unprecedented flexibility with regards to tracking, gathering, managing and distributing numbers into a comprehensive reporting system.
Insurance company and managed care productivity, patient demographic information, month-to-date and year-to-date production data, unresolved claims, procedure and diagnosis frequency impact, modifier effectiveness, and so many other critical data are tracked and sorted into a countless selection of documents all of which effectively improve the overall revenue cycle, reduce A/R, and increase cash flow. And that's what it's all about!
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Jay Chambers, President
Physicians Medical Service Bureau, Inc (PMSB)
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