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Compliance is everyone's job. Understanding and implementing HIPAA, and other, rules is a day to day mandate for all practices. It is, for example, critically important to enforce the regulations surrounding protected health information (PHI), the correct coding initiative (CCI), documentation guidelines, fraud and abuse, and to keep the practice compliance manual up to date and familiar to all personnel.
You can never be too careful; you can never have too much information.
PMSB can help you make the concerns about medical billing compliance harder to find than a Medicare payment increase. Our custom made "scrubbing" software scans every line of every claim for compliance in CPT-4 and ICD-9-CM coding, proper use of modifiers, bundling and unbundling of services etc., and helps to keep the "red flag" billing at a minimum, reducing the risk of insurance audit attacks.
Anything less than perfection is like walking through a medical mine false step, and everything changes forever.
Allow us to help you eliminate the fear of non compliant billing from your practice forever. Call us today.

Jay Chambers, President
Physicians Medical Service Bureau, Inc (PMSB)
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